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sunnuntai 7. helmikuuta 2010

Iron Sky trailer

This is a trailer for the upcoming sci-fi comedy from Energia, the people who gave the world Star Wreck: In The Pirkinning. This will be a much larger production involving a cast of professional actors, with dialogue in English and a script by established writer Johanna Sinisalo. Sinisalo is a winner of Finland's highest literary award, the Finlandia Prize, for her novel "Not Before Sundown" (published in the US as "Troll - A Love Story").

The basic idea behind Iron Sky is simple: In 1945 Nazis fled to the Moon from their secret base in Antarctica using a fleet of flying saucers. In 2018 they are coming back to take over the Earth.

Despite its much, much higher budget with Iron Sky, Energia is still making films as a co-operative effort and you can participate in Iron Sky's production through Energia's Wreckamovie website.

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