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maanantai 31. toukokuuta 2010

Roky Erickson returns with True Love Cast Out All Evil

Legendary musician Roky Erickson triumphantly returns with "True Love Cast Out All Evil", his first new album in fourteen years. It consists of largely unreleased and unknown songs that Erickson wrote throughout his decades-long career – while with the Elevators, while in prison at Rusk, during the horror-rock days and in the midst of the long decline. In these songs, Roky hangs up the zombie and atom-brain metaphors to speak with heart-breaking candor about his real life story, about shock treatment, imprisonment, mental illness, and irreversible loss. And, with the wisdom that can only be marshaled by someone who has been through all of the above personally, Erickson also tells us about love, hope, and spiritual grace. - amazon.com

TRACKS: 01. Devotional Number One 02. Ain't Blues Too Sad 03. Goodbye Sweet Dreams 04. Be And Bring Me Home 05. Bring Back The Past 06. Please, Judge 07. John Lawman 08. True Love Cast Out All Evil 09. Forever 10. Think Of As One 11. Birds'd Crash 12. God Is Everywhere

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