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torstai 13. tammikuuta 2011


congratulations to our Grand Prize Champion and Master Humorist Deluxe, the
fine and dandy Juha The Magnificent! Here he is, ladies and gentlemen!
Author of
the funniest post of 2010! How about that? Juha delighted us with his
posts throughout the year. Let's give that man a hearty cheer and lusty
round of applause! Or is that a lusty dear and a hearty round of clap?
cheers for Juha!

Yet, many the favorites surely went unheralded in the contest despite
wickedly funny reaction. Tough bounce. This ain't "Survivor: 2400FULTON."

The Ultimate Supremo Simulated Faux Genuine Gold Plated All-Purpose Triple A
Certified Completely Worthless Suitable For Framing Grand Prize will soon be
on its
way to Juha, who no doubt will be soon announcing his achievement on his

and I did exactly that :)

Thanks Jerald and all the other guys

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