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torstai 5. heinäkuuta 2012

Peter Kaukonen - Black Kangaroo

Let me tell you this; I've been waiting for this album about 30 years....I first discovered Jefferson Family in September 1979 from my school book! A few years later I was able to get almost every possible Jefferson Airplane/Starship or solo album.....all but two of them; Fat Fandango by Joey Covington and Black Kangaroo by Peter "Jorma's brother" Kaukonen.

Peter is not Jorma and Jorma is not Peter and that's just ok. We need both of them but somehow it took too many years to get this album. Because Black Kangaroo is a good album or like James Chrispell said it;

With the Jefferson Airplane having its own label imprint, many things were released which weren't up to then current musical standards. But this solo project from Peter Kaukonen, Jorma's brother, is an exception. While nothing here will set the world on fire, "Black Kangaroo" has it's pleasant moments. Good for the curious seeking out historical links between the Airplane and the Starship.

Black Kangaroo special edition with bonus tracks

ps. now waiting for Fat Fandango!

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