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perjantai 4. tammikuuta 2008

Dixie Fried

James Luther Dickinson was a totally unknown guy for me when I bought his album Dixie Fried back in the 80's.

I didnt even know if he was a singer or a guitar player. Soon I discovered that he was man with a voice. Powerful, bluesy yet somehow mellow voice. Baltimore City Paper said about his new solo album Jungle Jim and the Voodoo Tiger that "Jim Dicksinson...is a natural groover with an encyclopedic knowledge of American roots music".

And Jim is also a pianist, bandleader, producer, session-player and much more. Over the past 40 years he has played with the guys like Ry Cooder, Rolling Stones, Duane Allman and Aretha Franklin. And tons of others.

Nowadays he is running Zebra Ranch - an unique place to record and produce roots music etc.

Dixie Fried is not the kind of music I'd not like describe. I guess it is much better to feel it - like I did - years ago and years to come.....