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torstai 5. heinäkuuta 2012

Peter Kaukonen - Black Kangaroo

Let me tell you this; I've been waiting for this album about 30 years....I first discovered Jefferson Family in September 1979 from my school book! A few years later I was able to get almost every possible Jefferson Airplane/Starship or solo album.....all but two of them; Fat Fandango by Joey Covington and Black Kangaroo by Peter "Jorma's brother" Kaukonen.

Peter is not Jorma and Jorma is not Peter and that's just ok. We need both of them but somehow it took too many years to get this album. Because Black Kangaroo is a good album or like James Chrispell said it;

With the Jefferson Airplane having its own label imprint, many things were released which weren't up to then current musical standards. But this solo project from Peter Kaukonen, Jorma's brother, is an exception. While nothing here will set the world on fire, "Black Kangaroo" has it's pleasant moments. Good for the curious seeking out historical links between the Airplane and the Starship.

Black Kangaroo special edition with bonus tracks

ps. now waiting for Fat Fandango!

torstai 24. toukokuuta 2012

Bob Weir 28th of Apr, 2012

** 16-bit/44.1Khz ** disc 01 [Set I] 01 crowd/tuning 02 Truckin' 03 Spoonful 04 Truckin' Reprise 05 My Brother Esau 06 Esau banter 07 Dark Hollow 08 Me And My Uncle 09 She Belongs To Me 10 Looks Like Rain 11 Easy To Slip disc 02 [Set II] 01 Corrina 02 Loose Lucy 03 He's Gone 04 Ashes And Glass 05 Hard Rain 06 Weather Report Suite 07 Let It Grow 08 encore break 09 E1: One More Saturday Night 10 E2: Ripple

torstai 26. huhtikuuta 2012

Steve Wynn Live at De Tibbe

01. Some Kinda Itch 02. Grace 03. Carolyn* 04. Sweetness And Light* 05. If My Life Was An Open Book* 06. Tuesday* 07. ”Water”* ("For all I Care" in Dutch) 08. For All I Care 09. Tears Won't Help 10. This Strange Effect 11. The Blue Drifter 12. That's What You Always Say 13. Boston 14. Silence Is Your Only Friend 15. Why 16. In Love With Everyone # 17. The Devil In Me # 18. That's The Way Love Is

maanantai 23. huhtikuuta 2012

perjantai 20. huhtikuuta 2012

Have you seen the saucers?

Have you seen the saucers?
Have you seen the saucers?

Do you know there are people out there
Who are unhappy with the way that we care
For the Earth ... Mother!

Have you seen the saucers?

Tranquility Base -
There goes the neighborhood ...
American garbage dumped in space and no room left for brotherhood

Have you seen the saucers?

You've seen our lights in your western sky California ...
The rainbow skies ...
The government tells you another missile is flying
Have you any idea why they're lying to you?
To your faces
Did they tell you?

Have you seen the saucers?

Have you seen the saucers?

Star children on the black road to salvation
Children of the forest, child of the Woodstock Nation
You've gotta care for the needs of your planet
Catch the dawn that once was there
First-born atomic generation
Open the door, don't you know that's what it's for
Come on and join us ... on the other side of the Sun

Have You Seen The Saucers? Words and Music Paul Kantner

tiistai 3. huhtikuuta 2012

Marillion is coming!

Well, I ripped this from Marillion's website - act now, please!

After what seems like an AGE to us (and you too, no doubt!) we have decided on the songs which will comprise our next album and we can tell you that the next Marillion album will be titled...


Backing tracks are already finished and we're now at the overdub stage (or "the colouring-in"). We have song titles too, but we'll wait just a little longer before announcing those.

We are planning to create exclusive Special Editions of ’Sounds That Can’t Be Made’ which we'll be making available as a PRE-ORDER directly from us through marillion.com

Following the success of previous pre-orders, we plan to make 2 different versions available:

Option 1: Deluxe Campaign Collectors CD Edition
This version will include 128 pages of artwork & lyrics presented in a deluxe hard back book. This collectors edition will also contain an extra DVD disc featuring interviews with the band and a selection of tracks performed live at the Racket Club; all filmed during various stages of the making of the album.

You can Pre-Order the Deluxe Campaign Edition from:

Option 2: The Standard 1CD Release
This version will be a 1CD Jewel case version of the album containing song lyrics & condensed album artwork.

You can Pre-Order the Standard 1CD Edition from:

When will it be released? What will be on it? When can I order? What about a tour?

Just like previous pre-orders, we have set up a page on our website to answer all of these questions, and will continue to add to the list as we receive feedback from you by email and on our Forum/Facebook pages.

What we CAN tell you though, is that we expect the album to be ready sometime before September 2012 (we can't set a firm release date as our creative process doesn't always run to a timetable..) with an extensive tour planned throughout 2012 and into 2013.

All the tour dates have now been announced and are up on the marillion.com TOUR section. http://www.marillion.com/tour/index.htm

From the US onwards we will perform occasional "2 nighters". These shows will have a completely different set-list across each of the 2 nights. This will happen in the following towns:
New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Amsterdam, Paris, Milan and Barcelona

We have also announced the 2013 dates for our bi-annual Marillion Weekends in Holland, Montreal and the UK!
See www.marillionweekend.com for more details.

Phew! We hope we'll see a lot of each other over the coming months.

Okay, back to Sounds That Can't Be Made......

You are able to pre-order the album NOW, and each pre-order for the Deluxe Campaign CD Edition will automatically enter you into a variety of prize draws including:

Sound-check/ front row passes to the 'Sounds That Can’t Be Made' tour, Meet-and-greets, Signed artwork, Your own private Marillion gig PLUS more as we think of them!
Only the first 5000 people to pre-order will appear in the thanks list. (We would thank you all, but we'd need a bigger booklet!)

By being part of the ’Sounds That Can’t be Made’ Pre-Order Campaign you will once again be acting as our "Record Company" by contributing to the recording, manufacture and marketing of the album.
We'd rather make this album with you. We did it before and it was great. When we skipped the pre-order for Somewhere Else we know that many of you felt disappointed that you weren’t part of the ‘whole process’. So it's no longer about the money, it's about the taking-part and a show of faith. This, frankly, blows our minds, and your support means more to us now than ever.

We meet so many bands who are envious of our amazing family around the world and we certainly don't take this for granted. We now find ourselves famous for the "Marillion business model" which is a scream, really, because the term debases what's really going on. We thank you all for being a part of this thing in the past; just as we gratefully acknowledge everyone who will preorder this forthcoming album.

So there you go - the new pre-order!

If you have any QUESTIONS, please, PLEASE go to www.marillion.com/preorder/index.htm (where most issues will already be
addressed) before writing to us - it'll be quicker. You can also join the discussions on the Marillion Online Forums (which we constantly monitor) if you have any outstanding queries.

We're very excited about this album - it's taken us some years to ensure it's something special. We hope over the next few weeks and months to thank you for your loyalty - we will try and keep updating you regularly with updates from the studio; both by email and in our new Racket TV Lounge on the new and fabulous marillion.com website!

It won't be long, yeah..

h, Ian, Mark, Pete, Steve

You can Pre-Order the Deluxe Campaign Edition from:

You can Pre-Order the Standard 1CD Edition from:

lauantai 25. helmikuuta 2012

Inverse Records

Inverse Records on viime vuonna perustettu levyfirma, joka keskittyy hieman raskaamman sarjan musisointiin. Muutama viikko sitten tuli ennakkotilattua Curimuksen esikoisplatta, joka onkin paremman päälle maistuvaa mättöä. Kun levy putkahti postilaatikkoon sovitussa ajassa, oli yllätysbonuksena mukana Inversen kokoelma 2012.

Ensi kuulemalta aivan mahdottoman hyvä paketti, josta nyt alkuunsa nousivat muiden ylitse Curimus ja Rage My Bitch. Viimeksi mainittu on kouvolalainen bändi, jonka "Red Dead Lovesong" tykitystä jaksaa kuunnella varmasti kerta toisensa jälkeen. Komeaa soittoa, jossa on myös ihan oikea melodia! En onnistunut löytämään ao. biisiä Youtubesta, joten korvataan se hurjalla coverilla - kas tässä :)

torstai 16. helmikuuta 2012

Bob Mosley and Skip Spence song

" Better Day" Written By Bob Moseley and Skip Spence My hopes and dreams will soon begin to fade When thoughts of men and dreams have all been weighed Dark shadows hide my destined fate They cannot wait For I shall see a better day, uh huh With new sons living form newborn The world begins to shine a bright new morn As time runs out with blinding speed Please heed For I shall see a better day, uh huh My hopes and dreams will soon begin to fade When thoughts of men and dreams have all been weighed Dark shadows hide my destined fate They cannot wait For I shall see a better day, uh huh