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keskiviikko 16. kesäkuuta 2010

Bay Area composers

Charles Amirkhanian hosts a program featuring the music of three Bay Area composers, two of which join him in the studio to discuss their works. Maggi Payne and Bob Gonsalves are both graduates of the Master’s Degree program at Mills College in Electronic and Recorded Media from the Center for Contemporary Music. Payne, who could not make it to the KPFA studios due to illness, was at the time of this recording, director of the recording studio at the Center, and was serving as an engineer for recording sessions which were available to the public for a nominal charge.

Her expertise in the studio is highlighted with a selection of pristine tape pieces that Amirkhanian plays in her absence. Herb Bielawa was director of the electronic music studio at San Francisco State University as well as the founder of the Pro Musica Nova ensemble. The participants discuss their interests in the electronic music field and introduce their own compositions.

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