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tiistai 8. kesäkuuta 2010

Fallen ones

Now that we have (almost) lost the 2400 Fulton mailing list we should take our hats off for the fallen ones;

The Main Crew

Papa John Creach - Skip Spence - Spencer Dryden


Johnny Blasi - Jamie Bayer - Jeff Bayer - Terry Hook - Jeff Wells - Marshall Homes - Brad Sheargold

and most of all

Jess Grimes

one his very last posts was somewhat personal - I want to share it with you - this can be found from the Netspace archives;

My father has always said that, when I was born, he offerred
me to God. It reminds me of the story of Hannah and young
Samuel which is found the the Book of First Samuel.

I'm not sure what I might have known at birth. But I am very
sure that I was known.


And this one goes to Marshall Homes - play your heavenly Ric, dear Marshall!

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