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maanantai 30. elokuuta 2010

Marillion - Tales from the Engine Room

Tales From The Engine Room is a remix of This Strange Engine with a few exceptions and one extra addition. It was conducted by Marc Mitchell and Mark Daghorn of Positive Light. Both Marillion fans, they approached the band with this remix of the previous record. The remix album was still in the rough stages, but they asked the band for permission to complete and release it. The band were delighted at what they heard and gladly gave them the green light to complete the project.

A single was released prior to the release for the club scene, Memory of Water.

It was released on Eagle Records.

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I recently bought this one - without noticing that it was a remix album. I paid something 2 or 3 euros. Cheap? No, it aint cheap, its worthless album. It gives no pleasure to Marillion fan like me. Its mainly boring....Mr. Daghorn and Mr. Mitchell may be famous but I dont understand this kind of remixing.

Track listing

1. "Estonia" - 11:43
2. "Memory Of Water" - 9:36
3. "This Strange Engine" - 20:37
4. "One Fine Day" - 8:20
5. "Face 1004" - 8:40
6. "80 Days" - 8:46

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