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lauantai 5. heinäkuuta 2008


Crudely recorded yet often lively set of material from this Armenian ensemble. A mixture of late 70's prog fusion and Middle Eastern sounds is the general recipe, but the highpoints are when they get this Balkan/Zuehl/Disco thing going (if you can imagine that.)

Case in point is "Dzamone (pt 2)", where muffled “earth bass” wiggles under a driving bass-beat/hi-hat, whilst an Old World canzonet rejoices the top layer, replete with sheer violin strokes, all of which succumb to a warm and fuzzy guitar meltdown at the climax.

Zartong is the name of the LP, released
on Dom Records 50001 Stereo.
Tracks: Dzamone/Parhelie/I verine
on side one, Toy Narguiz/Eveil/Kele kele/
Armenian hore/Dele yaman/Hoy Nazan.
The band is Richard Tanelian (drums), Lorys
Tildian (kemantcka, kind of violin),
Franck Tildian (bass), Stepan Akian (santour,
synth). Gatefold cover. Armenian folk progressive
rock (original liner notes by Varoujean consider
it as 'pop musique').

Thanks for the Mutant Sounds!

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